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Black father lifting child up in the air
Photo by Conner Baker

Jessica A. Stern, PhD

Psychologist, Educator, Researcher

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Welcome! So glad you're here.

Dr. Jessica Stern is a developmental psychologist whose work examines close relationships, parenting, and child social-emotional development. Jessie earned her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland, with a focus on attachment across the life span. She is currently a research fellow in the Dept. of Psychology at the University of Virginia, and an incoming Assistant Professor of Psychological Science at Pomona College in Fall 2024.


In a time of multiple crises — including systemic racism, climate change, and youth mental health — we need sound psychological science to to inform the future of education, practice, and policy. Please reach out if you are interested in working together to meet these challenges.



In 2022, my colleagues and I edited a special issue of the journal, Attachment & Human Development: "Attachment perspectives on race, prejudice, and antiracism."


Our work has been featured on podcasts, parenting blogs, and international news outlets like CNN. We believe in the value of high-quality science communication about child development.


How does parenting shape a baby's brain? We address this question in our latest research on infant brain development.


The science of human relationships is for everyone — and should be accessible to parents, teachers, and the public. That's why we created a blog for Psychology Today, with >70k readers.

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children"

-Nelson Mandela

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